Book Review – The Sun is also a Star by Nicola Yoon

The Sun is also a Star is a wonderful tale of fate. It focuses around two teenagers who both have something bigger going on in their lives, yet somehow a crossing of paths makes their lives seem not so bad. It has a similar premise to the 2014 movie, Before We Go, featuring Chris Evans, in the sense that it’s focused around one single day.

Yet the thing that makes this book special, and especially memorable, are the chapters not focused around the teenage pair.


(That is my cat in the background, she also appreciates a good book)

Obviously you have your main story, but Yoon did something especially clever by having certain chapters explain back stories of characters, meanings of words, and why some things happen. These interjections give you an completely rounded picture of the narrative, without feeling like the author is being intrusive or ruining the story. There’s an entire world in this book, you just have to dive in and see.

The characters are fully developed, although they’re both better versions of teenagers than I’ve ever witnessed. There’s a grown up air about both of them, maybe due to their situations, but it does make them seem only a tad unrealistic. They both firmly know who they are, yet I’m 21 and still aren’t completely sure of that. I suppose you could take it them as being easier to understand because they’re not representations of the average teenager, which makes it a smoother read for all ages. Despite this, I did like them both, as well as all the minor characters who featured in the book. I felt part of the story, and it made me realise that these situations do happen to people all the time.

It was an all together easy book to read – the words flowed carefully yet didn’t make you feel like you were reading a YA book. It’s a carefully thought out exhibition, guiding you, explaining things, informing you. I actually learnt things from this book, and I love it. Any way I can accidentally learn something is the best.

This is one of those books that you should probably read in your lifetime. It’s like literary fiction for a younger audience, because it’s special and one of a kind. Yoon has also written a book called Everything, Everything, which has recently been turned into a film! I would love to see a film version of The Sun is also a Star, but I think the interjecting chapters could be difficult to shoot. All together I gave this book five stars on Goodreads, which is quite an accolade from me, and I hope you take the time to give it a go!


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